When to Double Barrel in Poker

When to double barrel is a highly-debated topic when it comes to poker. Some players believe it should be done more often while others believe it should be reserved for special situations. The truth is that everyone is different and poker is such a game of luck feedbackpoker.com and chance that every player has to gauge for himself whether to double barrel or not.

Double Barrelling too Regularly

Unfortunately, there are a lot of new poker player who aren't very experienced but feel that they should double or even triple barrel every time, but it's not useful if you're doing it regularly. The most important time to double barrel is when you want to add value to the pot in hopes of winning it (because you have a hand that can actually win) or when you want to bluff.

When to Use It

The most important time to do a double barrel is when you think your opponent is going to call your second barrel but will then fold on the third barrel. This gives you control because you can win the pot. However, if that player does not fold, you are going to have to bet the river or fold yourself. This is the downfall of taking risks in Online Casino poker, but also the whole point of the game.

Use your judgment before using a double barrel and gauge the individuals you're playing with. Any time you do a double barrel it should be because you believe you will benefit over the other players. And you must determine which is Winning and Losing Poker. While many other poker players use it all the time for no reason, you should only use it because you've gauged the players you're seated with and you believe it will have value.