Do Different Tables Make a Difference in Winning and Losing Poker?

While most players spend time developing a strategy for when to bet or when to fold, one thing that can really make a difference in winning and losing is choosing the right table. In fact, it could mean the difference between winning and losing. Here are some tips on and how to choose a great table.

Finding Great Tables

You're going to want to search for tables that contain several weak players. While it can be difficult to tell right off which poker player are weak and which are strong, there are a few tell you can search for. First and foremost, the weaker players will typically have stacks that are smaller than 100 big blinds. Stronger players rarely start with less than that and will be able to reload whenever they want with the auto reload function.

Tables with Waiting Lists

If a table has a good waiting list, you can be sure that the MTT Poker table is a soft table and therefore a good one. Regular players have seen the advantage of the table and have gotten on the list. It's important to try and be early up on the list, like in the 4th or 5th position. This will help ensure you get the table before the seriously high rollers.

Additionally, look for tables with players that have large stacks. You may also want to play Online Casino between the hours of 5 pm and midnight, as there are typically a large amount of recreational players at the tables, allowing you the opportunity to win more money.