Navigating the Nuances of MTT Poker

Playing MTT poker or multiple table tournament poker with can be quite a challenge for those unfamiliar with the format. Players across multiple tables advance in stages to a final stakes game. Navigating the nuances of MTT poker, then, requires players to adjust their average poker game in some small but significant ways.

Raising Preflop

Some players start out their Casino Game aggressively. They will immediately raise the stakes, attempting to scare off other players and get through the first table as quickly as possible. This is only advisable, though, if the player holds a great preflop hand. That means the player should only raise if he or she has an Ace and King or a pocket pair. Early positions can quickly change, and even a great pocket hand could become useless on the flop.

Calling Others

If another player attempts to raise preflop in MTT poker, he or she may have a good enough hand to see it through. Yet, even the most worthless hand can win by the time the river is turned. Poker player who can afford it, then, should almost always call when a player raises preflop. After the flop, it becomes easier to tell the direction of the game. If the flop gives a player at least a pair, then it's worth it to stick around to the end of the game. Otherwise, players who are tight on funds should probably bow out of the hand.

Excelling at MTT poker requires players to keep constantly aware of the other players at the table. If betting gets too aggressive too quickly, some players may be attempting to elbow out the cautious players or use your judgment to make a Double Barrel it gives you control to win the pot. Players with enough guts and strong enough hands can turn such tactics to their advantage.