ACH Payments

ACH or Automated Clearing House is the central location for all electronic funds drafts that are based on both the Electronics Payment Network with and the United States Federal Reserve. Although it was formed in 1970 in an effort to simplify payments between privately owned businesses and the US government, it is now used by millions of people worldwide.

Benefits of ACH

ACH payments are much more secure than cash payments as there is a written record of the transaction. Transactions that can be made via ACH include payments to online merchants, e-check payments, tax payments, and automated bill payment. The entire ACH system is backed by the Federal Reserve in order to provide an extra layer of security to users poker player and it is monitored by NACHA, a company that represents more than 12,000 financial institutions across the country. Government and private agencies alike use ACH as their preferred payment method.

The Downfalls of ACH

While ACH payments are extremely convenient in certain situations, it must be noted that these transactions are often much slower than cash, credit card or debit card transactions. When ACH is used, the funds are 'requested' from the user's financial institution before they are actually withdrawn. In essence, there is no set way to instantly inquire as to whether or not the funds are available in Casino Game. ACH payments usually take two to five days to complete, whereas debit card, credit card and cash transactions occur almost instantaneously.

ACH payments are incredibly convenient in any number of settings and even people who enjoy visiting Online Casino have made ACH their payment methods of choice.