When to Call Pre-Flop Raises

One of the most successful strategies of being a great poker player is being aggressive. Many times, simply by being aggressive, you will knock a few different people off the pot. One part of being aggressive is calling pre-flop raises check here in feedbackpoker.com and there are a few different times when you should absolutely call.

When you Have Suited Connectors

One of the best times to call pre-flop raises is when you have suited connectors. Because you have a great chance to gather a flush by the flop, then it's a great idea to call pre-flop raises. This shows you as an aggressive player and you actually have the chance to win the hand of Online Games because you have the chance to gather the flush by the river.

Pocket Pairs

When you have a pocket pair, you may also want to call pre-flop raises, depending on what that pair is. Aces is a given, but if you have a lower pair, it may not qualify to go all in, and you will end up as Losing Poker. You might want to flat these smaller pairs just to get a reading on what the other players are going to do, especially if they are aggressive players.

Suited Broadway

When you're set up for a suited broadway, you might want to flat call those pre-flop raises until you determine how your hand is going to hold up. After the flop, you can then determine what your next moves are based on the cards you're given. Knowing the double barrel as your next move.

By thinking hard about these different cards you have, you can determine whether you should call pre-flop raises and play an aggressive Online Poker game or hold back and wait for luckier cards.